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私たちはRandallとMaricel. 海外の異なる国から来た夫婦で、長い間日本で暮らしています。 二人とも、食、芸術や音楽、その他様々なものへの情熱を持っています。私たちの目標は、皆さんがリラックスして、素晴らしい食事や飲み物、創造的な芸術や娯楽、教育的なワークショップ、そしてさまざまな文化圏の人たちとの出会いが楽しめ、全面禁煙で家族連れでも安心できる環境を提供することです。

Maricel "Cel"




私はこのカフェのシェフで、完全オリジナルのメニューを創り上げることに情熱を注いでいます。私の調理スタイルは型におさまらない創作料理です。伝統的な日本料理店やフランス料理店の厨房で長年働き、また、深刻な食糧不足にある地域での食事提供プログラムで各国を旅して料理を学んできました。 飲食業界に入る前は、ジャズシンガーだったので、歌うことが大好きです。 また、絵を描くのが大好きなので、折に触れて私の作品をカフェで見ることができるでしょう。  


 Randall "SHUX"





みなさんにお会いできることを楽しみにしています。 是非一度遊びに来てください!




We're Randall & Maricel, an international couple living in Japan for many years. We both have passions in food, art, music, and more. Our goal is to provide a family friendly environment, smoke-free, where you can relax and enjoy great food, drinks, creative arts & entertainment, educational workshops, and also meet people from various cultures.

Maricel "Cel" Murchison:

・thoughtful, creative, tidy・

I'm a passionate chef from Antipolo, Philippines who's created an original menu for this cafe. My cooking style is creative fusion... So, there are no boxes. I've worked the kitchens of traditional Japanese and French restaurants for many years, and traveled the world providing food programs to poverty stricken areas. Prior to the restaurant business I was a jazz vocalist, so I love to sing. I also love to paint in my spare time and you can find some of my paintings occasionally exhibiting in the cafe.​

Randall "SHUX" Murchison:

・talkative, friendly, creative・

I'm a multimedia producer from southern California, producing video, web content, and events for private and corporate clients. Since 2013, I've been coordinating media and cultural events for a children's theme park, KidZania Tokyo, and I often work in collaboration with the ambassadors and cultural departments of numerous foreign embassies in Japan. I've conducted various language arts and cultural education programs in the US and Japan for both children and adults, and have also worked many years as a video director, cameraman, and editor traveling internationally to document artists, musicians, fashion, and culture. ​

We both look forward to meeting you!

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