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Bricks Challenge


$88 p/mo

75 minutes per lessons
Bi-weekly lessons
Up to 35 lessons per year


About the Course

Bricks Challenge Curriculum

Students who are participating in Bricks Challenge will learn important theoretical and practical lessons. Bricks Challenge introduces students to important scientists and inventors such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton, Archimedes, and more. Each of these notable figures has played a significant role in the development of Science and technology today. We use their stories to inspire and educate our young engineers.

Bricks Challenge participants learn about numerous different topics of classical mechanics, including the following: the laws of Physics, centrifugal force, centripetal force, force of inertia, kinetic energy, potential energy, law of action-reaction, lift force, torque, leverage points, load distribution, force conservation, angular momentum and more. Students learn the necessary mathematical skills required in making the scientific calculations needed to build their models. Bricks Challenge Objectives

  • Foster planning and time management skills

  • Encourage independent creative thinking

  • Develop one’s ability to analyze engineering processes

  • Broaden knowledge of laws of Physics and various natural phenomena

  • Improve spatial recognition

  • Cultivate a sense of self-efficacy

  • Expand interpersonal communication skills

Bricks Challenge Models (Over 30 different models to build!)

  • Amusement park rides

  • Air crafts

  • Various types of transportation machines

  • Cranes

  • Elevators

  • Modern machinery

Watch 10 models from the Bricks Challenge program in action below!

Your Instructor

Camilla Jones

Camilla Jones

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