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) IDA Category:Software disallowed by copyright monopoliesQ: How to load only part of my module? I am currently working on an architecture where most of my module is empty (except for a couple of "core" methods). I would like to achieve a "bootstrap" module, which allows me to start coding before making the core functions actually do something. My problem is that I would like to load (or require, whatever works) only a specific part of my module. Something like require_self("bootstrap") instead of require_self("fullmodule"). Is there any way to achieve this? Edit I should have mentioned that I am on a framework that allow the developer to configure the path to her own modules in an array: $config["modules"] = array( "auth" => array("auth/", "modules/auth/"), "cometd" => array("cometd/", "modules/cometd/"), "dashboard" => array("dashboard/", "modules/dashboard/"), ); What I am trying to achieve is to have some "empty" modules (as mentioned above), and the basic module to load whatever framework needs. This basic module would be called without requiring any other module. So, the require_self("cometd") would not load the full module but just the "bootstrap" part. A: I was looking for something like that. So I hacked my way through the require_once to get what I wanted. It might not be the best solution, but it works fine for my problem and I am still open to better solutions if there are any. I use the next code: $this->config['modules'] = array( $prefix = end(explode('/', $this->config['modules'])); $name = $prefix.'bootstrap'; $modules_path = $this->config['modules'][$name]; $modules_path = __DIR__




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Hex-Rays IDA Pro V6.6 Incl Decompiler SDK Utils And Patch Repack Keygen [Updated-2022]
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